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Improve your Python regex skills with 75 interactive exercises

Still confused about Python regular expressions? Grow your confidence with Python re(gex)? ebook, an interactive GUI app and #25DaysOfRegex challenge.

Free ebook

My post about the interactive GUI app made it to the Hacker News front page. To celebrate, Python re(gex)? ebook is free till 31-Dec-2021.

Interactive GUI app

Based on the Python re(gex)? book contents as well as the exercises, I made an interactive GUI app with 75 questions on re.searchre.subre.split and re.findall that'll test your understanding of anchors, alternation, grouping, escaping metacharacters, dot metacharacter, quantifiers, character class, grouping, lookarounds, flags, etc. Here's a screenshot:

25 Days Of Regex

Inspired by Advent of Code, I'll also be posting 3 challenges per day on twitter for 25 days, where you'll be able to get help from me and fellow programmers.

Free Python re(gex)? ebook

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