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I have been working on "Computing from the Command Line" ebook since publishing "Vim Reference Guide" back in March. I was hoping to have completed the new book this month, but a couple of interruptions and other factors have delayed the release. Since I'd likely need a few more months, thought I'd give a progress report in the meantime.

Computing from the Command Line

This book aims to teach Linux command line tools and Shell Scripting to beginner/intermediate level users. You can read the draft version I've written so far here: Computing from the Command Line web version.

There are many more tools and topics to be added, but I'll be focusing on polishing the content I have written so far for the first release.

Vim Reference Guide

Adding video course for my ebooks has been a recurring feedback. I've been hesitant since my prior attempts were poor. This March, I gave myself another chance by starting with short videos. I feel like I've improved significantly over the past three months. I still have a long way to go though.

I've completed videos for Insert and Normal mode chapters, plus a few more. You can view them along with the text at Vim Reference Guide web version or view them as a playlist on youtube.

Python and CLI tips

Last November, I started posting tips on my programming blog covering Python, command line tools and Vim. After getting comfortable with recording videos, I added demos for these tips as well:

Book and bundle discounts

You can get the following books and bundles at a discounted price until 30-June-2022.

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Feedback and ratings

I'd highly appreciate your feedback and book reviews. You can reach me via email or twitter.

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Happy learning :)

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