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Announcing Practice Python Projects ebook, free for a week


I'm excited to announce my latest book titled "Practice Python Projects". Visit for a short video about the book.

This book presents five beginner to intermediate level projects inspired by real world use cases:

  • Enhance your CLI experience with a custom Python calculator
  • Analyzing poll data from a Reddit comment thread
  • Finding typos in plain text and Markdown files
  • Creating a GUI for evaluating multiple choice questions
  • Square Tic Tac Toe — creating a GUI game with AI

To test your understanding and to make it more interesting, you'll also be presented with exercises at the end of each project. Resources for further exploration are also mentioned throughout the book. Visit for programs and related example files presented in this book.

To celebrate the release, my Python books are free for a week, which you can get using these links:

Hope you find these books helpful in your programming journey. I'd highly appreciate your feedback.

Happy learning :)

Practice Python Projects ebook

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