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Announcing learnbyexample weekly: free newsletter for programming resources and more, delivered every Friday


I'm excited to announce learnbyexample weekly newsletter, scheduled to be delivered every Friday. I've already published the first issue, which you'll receive after subscribing.

This free newsletter will help you discover awesome programming resources. I'll primarily focus on resources related to Python, Linux CLI, Regular Expressions and Vim. Occasionally, I'll also include other programming resources.

You can expect 5-15 links, usually categorized into the following sections (and some surprises at the end):

  • Article of the week

  • Resources

  • Programming Deals

  • Tip of the week

  • Tools

Here's some of the resource links from the first issue:

After subscribing, you'll get a confirmation email followed by another email with the first issue contents. You can also view the issue from your Gumroad account.

Hope you find the newsletter useful. Let me know your feedback via email or twitter.

Happy learning :)

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