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Announcing CLI text processing with Coreutils ebook (free for a week), free Python bundle and a giveaway contest


I'm excited to announce my latest book titled "Command line text processing with GNU Coreutils". You might be already aware of popular coreutils commands like head, tail, tr, sort, etc. This book will teach you more than twenty of such specialized text processing tools provided by the GNU Coreutils package.

Plenty of examples are provided to make it easier to understand a particular tool and its various features. Resources for further exploration are also mentioned throughout the book. Visit for code snippets, example files and other details related to the book.

To celebrate the release, the ebook is free for a week:

The Indie Python Extravaganza bundle

Recently, I had the good opportunity to join hands with fellow indie authors in a free Python bundle for the entire month of October. The five Python books in this bundle would suit beginner to intermediate level programmers. See my twitter post or blog post for bundle links and more details.

All books bundle sale and giveaway contest

I'm also doing a massive sale for my All books bundle containing all the 11 ebooks I've written so far. You can get the bundle for just $5 using this coupon:

You can also participate in my giveaway contest to win free copies of this bundle. Retweet and reply to this tweet to enter the giveaway.


Hope you find these books helpful in your programming journey. I'd highly appreciate your feedback.

Happy learning :)

Command line text processing with GNU Coreutils ebook

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