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I help programmers learn tricky topics like Regular Expressions and CLI tools with understandable examples.

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I come across various programming resources while researching for the books I write and as part of social media browsing.

I hope that this free newsletter (delivered every Friday) will help you discover awesome programming resources. Just like writing a book boosts my understanding and provides a quick reference about those topics, this newsletter will help me keep track of these resources for my own use as well.

I've been helped a lot by the programming community in my journey as an author. This is one of the ways I wish to give back to the community.


My programming experience includes working with Linux CLI, Python, Regular Expressions, Vim, etc. The newsletter links will be primarily on these topics, but I'll sometimes include other programming resources as well.

Here's some of the section headings:

  • Article of the week

  • Resources

  • Programming Deals

  • Tip of the week

  • Tools

Both current and past resources will be considered. You can expect around 5-15 links per issue.

Sample issue

Click this link for a sample issue.


Carbon and Flameshot are both amazing tools and I can't believe I'm just now finding out about them. The 'Tools' section alone was worth the price of admission. :) — feedback via email

I just want to let you know that I find this e-mail highly valuable, and due to its length, I don't have to defer reading it. Perhaps, one day, I will launch a similar newsletter; therefore, you give me a lot of inspiration. :) — feedback via email

I’ve really been enjoying your posts.  The resources have been most helpful.  Thank you for all the hard work you’ve put in.  I use your regex books as one of my main reference/learning sources. — feedback via email

That is super useful content! I had a lot of fun reading about DevOps in Minecraft. Apart from it, I spent some more time with Python builtins, and it is cool to know that something like PyFlow and vprof exist :) — feedback via email

  • Weekly programming resources, deals and more - delivered every Friday.

  • Weekly programming resources, deals and more - delivered every Friday.


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learnbyexample weekly

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