Learn by example Python bundle

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Example based guides to get started with your Python programming journey. This bundle includes the following three books:

The above links point to GitHub repos for the respective books. These repos have sample chapters, code snippets, exercises and other files related to these books.

  • 100 Page Python Intro provides a short, introductory guide for the Python programming language, suited for those already familiar with programming basics.
  • Understanding Python re(gex)? is solely focused on regular expressions.
  • Practice Python Projects helps you take the next step in your programming journey with real world inspired Python projects.


I love your books on regex...As a student from the Digital VLSI space, it is indeed useful now and definitely in the future. It's really well written and really easy to understand the examples — feedback on reddit

It's very thorough, written with care, and presented in a way that makes sense. Even as an intermediate Python programmer, I found use in this book. — feedback by Andrew Healey on an early draft of "100 Page Python Intro" mentioned in this Hacker News thread

Your Practice Python Projects book is really helping me to reinforce my knowledge and mastery of Python as I'm learning — feedback on twitter

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You'll get PDF and EPUB versions of all the books.

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Learn by example Python bundle

10 ratings
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