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Your Practice Python Projects book is really helping me to reinforce my knowledge and mastery of Python as I'm learning — feedback on twitter

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Beginners who've finished a basic programming book or a course often wonder what they should do next. After solving exercises that test your understanding of syntax and common logical problems, working on projects is often recommended as the next step in the programming journey.

Working on projects that'll help you solve real world use cases would be ideal. You'll likely have enough incentive to push through difficulties instead of abandoning the project. Sometimes though, you just don't know what to work on. Or, you have ideas, but not sure how to implement them, how to break down the project into manageable parts, etc. In such cases, a learning resource focused on projects can help.

Project list

This book presents five beginner to intermediate level projects inspired by real world use cases:

  • Enhance your CLI experience with a custom Python calculator

  • Analyzing poll data from a Reddit comment thread

  • Finding typos in plain text and Markdown files

  • Creating a GUI for evaluating multiple choice questions

  • Square Tic Tac Toe — creating a GUI game with AI

To test your understanding and to make it more interesting, you'll also be presented with exercises at the end of each project. Resources for further exploration are also mentioned throughout the book.

Sample chapters

Visit for sample chapters.

GitHub repo

Visit for programs and related example files presented in this book.

  • You'll get PDF and EPUB versions of the book.

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    84 pages
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  • You'll get PDF and EPUB versions of the book.
  • Length84 pages
  • Last Updated2021-07-30


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