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Linux CLI Text Processing

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  • CLI text processing with GNU grep and ripgrep, GNU sed, GNU awk, Ruby One-Liners and Perl One-Liners will help you learn how to use these command line tools from the terminal. The various regex flavors used in grep/sed/awk are discussed in dedicated chapters/sections with plenty of examples. See my blog post for subtle differences between the BRE/ERE implementations in these tools.
  • CLI text processing with GNU Coreutils teaches you more than twenty specialized text processing tools such as headtailtrsort, joincutpaste, etc.
  • Linux Command Line Computing aims to teach Linux command line tools and Shell Scripting for beginner to intermediate level users. The main focus is towards managing your files and performing text processing tasks.


I love your books on regex...As a student from the Digital VLSI space, it is indeed useful now and definitely in the future. It's really well written and really easy to understand the examples — feedback on reddit

Step up your cli fu with this fabulous intro & deep dive into awk. I learned a ton of tricks! — feedback on twitter

This Ruby one-liners cookbook is incredible. Pretty mind boggling all the stuff you can do. — feedback on twitter

In my opinion the book does a great job of quickly presenting examples of how commands can be used and then paired up to achieve new or interesting ways of manipulating data. Throughout the text there are little highlights offering tips on extra functionality or limitations of certain commands. For instance, when discussing the shuf command we're warned that shuf will not work with multiple files. However, we can merge multiple files together (using the cat command) and then pass them to shuf. These little gems of wisdom add a dimension to the book and will likely save the reader some time wondering why their scripts are not working as expected. — book review by Jesse Smith on for "Command line text processing with GNU Coreutils"

I consider myself pretty experienced at shell-fu and capable of doing most things I set out to achieve in either bash scripts or fearless one-liners. However, my awk is rudimentary at best, I think mostly because it's such an unforgiving environment to experiment in. These books you've written are great for a bit of first principles insight and then quickly building up to functional usage. I will have no hesitation in referring colleagues to them! — feedback on Hacker News

Ive only gotten through first pages but appears a good Unix/bash primer. I’ll probably recommend for new hires out of bootcamp because they’re usually weak here — feedback on twitter for "Computing from the Command Line"

Thank you for choosing to write and share your knowledge. I read your books on CLI and sed - I think they are very comprehensive and very well explained. Keep up the great work — feedback on twitter

This is fantastic! 👏 I use Perl one-liners for record and text processing a lot and this will be definitely something I will keep coming back to - I’ve already learned a trick from “Context Matching” (9) 🙂 — feedback on

Nice book! I just started trying to get into linux today and you have some tips I haven’t found elsewhere and the text is an enjoyable read so far — feedback on reddit

I discovered your books recently and they’re awesome, thank you! As a 20 year *nix they made me realize how much more there are to these rock solid and ancient tools, once you spend the time to actually learn the intricacies of them — feedback on reddit

I love the whole learn by example premise. Those exercises at the end are so valuable, as it often times leads me to find multiple solutions which helps me conceptualize how commands work with each other much better! — feedback on reddit

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Linux CLI Text Processing

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