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Step up your cli fu with this fabulous intro & deep dive into awk. I learned a ton of tricks! — feedback on twitter

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When it comes to command line text processing, from an abstract point of view, there are three major pillars — grep for filtering, sed for substitution and awk for field processing.

This book heavily leans on examples to present options and features of awk as well as regular expressions one by one. It is recommended that you manually type each example and experiment with them. Understanding both the nature of sample input string and the output produced is essential.

Exercises are also included to test your understanding.


You should have prior experience working with command line and bash shell, should know concepts like file redirection, command pipeline and so on. You should also be familiar with programming concepts like variables, printing, functions, control structures, arrays, etc. Knowing basics of grep and sed will help in understanding similar features of awk.

Sample chapters

For sample chapters, visit https://github.com/learnbyexample/learn_gnuawk/blob/master/sample_chapters/gnu_awk_sample.pdf

GitHub repo

Visit https://github.com/learnbyexample/learn_gnuawk for code snippets and example files used in this book. The repo also has solutions for exercises.

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  • Length110 pages
  • Last Updated2021-08-14



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