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This bundle contains all my published ebooks on various programming topics. The book titles are mentioned below. They are also linked to GitHub repos, which you can visit for sample chapters, code snippets, exercises and other files related to these books.

  1. Python re(gex)?
  2. JavaScript RegExp
  3. Ruby Regexp
  4. GNU grep and ripgrep
  5. GNU sed
  6. GNU awk
  7. Ruby one-liners cookbook
  8. Perl one-liners cookbook
  9. 100 Page Python Intro
  10. Practice Python Projects
  11. Command line text processing with GNU Coreutils
  12. Vim Reference Guide


I love your books on regex...As a student from the Digital VLSI space, it is indeed useful now and definitely in the future. It's really well written and really easy to understand the examples — feedback on reddit

It's very thorough, written with care, and presented in a way that makes sense. Even as an intermediate Python programmer, I found use in this book. — feedback by Andrew Healey on an early draft for '100 Page Python Intro' mentioned in this Hacker News thread

Step up your cli fu with this fabulous intro & deep dive into awk. I learned a ton of tricks! — feedback on twitter

Your Practice Python Projects book is really helping me to reinforce my knowledge and mastery of Python as I'm learning. It alone makes the bundle well worth the money! — feedback on twitter

This Ruby one-liners cookbook is incredible. Pretty mind boggling all the stuff you can do. — feedback on twitter

Hi, great work releasing this! Trying to explain vim concisely is always an interesting challenge and I had a great time reading your attempt in this book. I always find it really interesting on how people try to group certain vim functions in a way that makes sense to people that don't use vim. I think you cover that idea pretty well in your 'Vim philosophy and features' section whilst not making it overly abstract and keeping it relatable. — feedback on Hacker News by doix for "Vim Reference Guide"

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  • You'll get PDF and EPUB versions of all the books.
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